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New Music Tuesday

Reviews and Discussion on New Music

New Music Tuesday!
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Reviews and Discussion of New Music!!
New Music Tuesday

The Rub

Daily, I'll post about new music, old music or whatever I think is fun, music related. Everyone is welcome to post about anything. But this is how I usually post. This isn't too restrictive, so don't get intimidated by my obsessive tendencies.

Monday: MrsBigTuna Mixed Bag - A weekly playlist.

Tuesday: New Music Tuesday - Reviews on new music

Wednesday: Spotlight Artist of the Week - A little blurb about an emerging artist I think needs recognition

Thursday: Throwback Thursday - An album I enjoy, everything prior to 2000s.

Fridays: Friday's Favorites - A featured album by one of my favorite artists, I have plenty.

And with all features, I will include "Choice Tracks", which are songs from albums that I think give you an idea of the album at large.

Again, post whatever you feel like posting, as long as its about music, anything goes.
The Rules

1. No bashing of any kind. I'm all for hearty debate, but no demeaning artists or commenters. You can guess what will happen if you do. Banning is no fun, but I will if I have to.

2. All posts must be related to music. Any posts that aren't will be deleted.

3. All posts must be tagged. I cannot stress this enough. It makes it easier for others to find your post if tagged.
Examples: artist - "artist: "first letter of the artist", concerts, reviews, etc.

4. No ads. I don't want anyone spamming this comm with every ad known to man about some random band that lives in some random country. If you'd like to review a band or artist, you can. Just don't post some plugger and disappear. It will be immediately deleted.

5. If you want to post music, try to have it in a .zip file. If you don't know how to use it, message me!

6. Have fun! This is your comm to talk about music you enjoy! Whatever you want to post, any music, is encouraged. Music is Love.
Free Music... Legally


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