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Beach House


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I simply forgot... but I do have a review for you. As always, if you have one to contribute, please do!

Beach House's Teen Dream... is a fruition from ther debut.

With dark and light moments throughout, it is far more diverse than their last two efforts. They've seem to have grown, bringing forth both romantic and melancholy to their sound, being able to claim it as their own. While most listeners impression of the band is generally the same story, but this album can change it. Exciting.

My favorite song is Walk in the Park. It has a poppy sound, contrasting with Victoria Legrand's somber voice, reflecting on life and loss. It's almost difficult to figure out what she's singing about because you want it to be optimistic, but her voice carries a sad sound.

Choice Tracks: Walk in the Park, Zebra and Real Love

Have a great night!
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